about us

If we desire for our youth to be successful in the Kingdom of God then, we must meet them where they are.  We cannot expect them to receive everything they require to overcome the negative influences surrounding them; without speaking directly to them.  They need a preacher, a safe haven, and a network of like-minded friends.  They need an atmosphere where they can find who they are In Christ.  Fusion Student Ministries offers these things to every young person who walks through our doors. 
    Place of protection
  • Great care is taken to ensure our young people are protected.  Our goal is to offer them a refuge.  All day, this generation is surrounded by negativity; at school, at their job and sometimes, at home.  We filter what they see and hear to promote the greatest chance of an encounter with Jesus.  That’s what it is all about, an “Encounter with our Savior.”  Everything we do from pre-service to altar call is an effort to prepare them to receive direction from God.
    Godly relationships
  • Fusion is a family.  It’s a place where young people can build godly relationships.  As energetic and outgoing as this generation may seem; they still struggle sometimes with connecting with others.  Insecurity often keeps them bound, preventing new friendships.  Our solution, as a staff, is to engage every young person, take interest in their interests, and make them feel wanted.  This, in turn, encourages the youth group as a whole to do the same.  It helps the students realize that, they are worthy of friendships.  It has been said that, “We become who we surround ourselves with” so, let your child surround themselves with the body of Christ.
    Biblical teaching
  • Not only do we place great importance on Apostolic Doctrine, we shed light on issues that young people are facing today.  Fusion ministers are not intimidated by taboo subjects.  How can we deliver this generation from the clutches of sin without directly attacking it through the Word of God?  Issues that can negatively affect our youth are the issues we address.  Fusion calls upon ministers, given to prayer and fasting, to share Biblical truths to our young people.
    Discreet counseling
  • Sometimes, young people need to “unload their baggage.”  Not only is our pastor, Rev. Jason Carr, a licensed counselor but, our student pastor also offers discreet counseling to both students and parents alike.  The Fusion staff is comprised of college students and young marrieds that “have been there.”  They are seasoned and always willing to lend a compassionate ear to those in need. Please consider allowing your child to be a part of “Fusion!”