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Meet Our Pastoral Staff

Rev. Marvin L. Cole

 Pastor Emeritus

     Marvin L. Cole was born on August 17, 1930. His parents were D. E. and Aurelia Cole. Bro. Cole has treasured memories of a pleasant childhood on Division Street in his hometown of DeQuincy, Louisiana .


     At the age of 14, Bro. Cole was invited by his grandmother, Frances Brantley, to a revival meeting at The Pentecostal Church of DeQuincy. Sis. Nona Freeman, who later went to with her husband as a missionary, was the evangelist. Bro. Cole received the Holy Ghost in this revival and was baptized in Jesus’ Name by his pastor, Bro. H. L. Bennett. 

     Shortly after this, during a Camp Meeting in DeQuincy in 1945, he received a definite call from the Lord to go into the ministry. His first revival was in Fields, Louisiana , in 1946. Outgrowing the small frame building, the revival moved out under the trees, where some 30 received the Holy Ghost. In home missions’ works, Bro. Cole helped establish churches in Eunice, Opelousas, and Lafayette, Louisiana .  

     Bro. H. L. Bennett, Pastor of The Pentecostal Church of DeQuincy from 1933 to 1979, was a great source of inspiration to Bro. Cole, and helped him to develop his ministry. 

     In a revival at The First Pentecostal Church of Beaumont Bro. Cole met Marie Barbee. After their courtship and marriage, they evangelized. Marvin Wendell Cole was born in 1957. Shortly afterwards, Bro. Cole accepted the pastorate of The First Pentecostal Church in Bay City, Texas . The next few years were revival years, and the church was blessed with growth. Bro. Verbal Bean preached a revival there in 1959, in which over 100 people received the Holy Ghost. 

    In May 1965, Bro. Cole accepted the Associate Pastorate of the First United Pentecostal Church in Beaumont . In August 1965, Ruth Michelle Cole was born. During the years from 1965 to 1968, while Bro. Cole was serving as Associate Pastor of the First Pentecostal Church , he also was an instructor at Texas Bible College , in Houston . During this same period, he also served as Sunday School Director of the Texas District of the United Pentecostal Church . In the Spring of 1968, Bro. and Sis. Cole returned to the evangelistic field. They evangelized until October 1969, at which time he accepted the pastorate of the United Pentecostal Church of Sabine Pass Avenue (Old Glory Tabernacle) in Beaumont , upon the retirement of former pastor, Bro. Albert Debes. 

     Bro. and Sis. Cole faithfully led the church family of The Apostolic Church in prayer and consecration for more than 36 years. Their vision for the work of God is not only local, but they have traveled extensively, preaching, teaching, and ministering in many countries. They have led The Apostolic Church in building numerous churches in foreign mission fields. Bro. Cole retired as pastor of The Apostolic Church on May 2, 2006, and assumed the title of Pastor Emeritus.